Sports Conditioning and Rehabilitation

Conditioning is a process in which stimuli are created by an exercise program performed by the athlete/sportsman to produce a higher level of function. The goal of conditioning is to optimize the performance of the athlete and minimize the risk of injury and illness. We provide an organized approach towards training and rehab process that is based upon the assessment and evaluations done for muscular imbalance, bio-mechanical abilities etc. to establish appropriate starting point for each sportsman. Base conditioning must take place before sport-specific strength and conditioning to avoid future injuries. The Sky fitness Rehab & Conditioning team will work with you to achieve, "Strength, Health and Confidence". Our experienced professionals are strongly committed to help individuals through a graduated exercise and education program.

An individualís athletic ability can be affected by

  • Accidents
  • Sports Injuries
  • Poor Posture
  • Muscle Strains

Our sports conditioning and rehabilitation program works on:

  • Individualized program that is injury specific.
  • Work stimulation activities.
  • Acute injury treatment.
  • Corrective and strengthening exercises.

Our rehab team will combine their expertise and develop an effective, closely monitored rehabilitation program to facilitate a safe return to work and also help develop active individuals to re-establish their pre-injury lifestyle through rehabilitation techniques, use of modalities (Ice, Massage, I.F.C. and Ultrasound), manual therapy and active exercise rehabilitation programs.

Apart from Cricket and Golf conditioning we also look into sports like badminton, lawn tennis, football, table tennis, athletics, swimming etc.