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Details of Ayurveda Packages we have

Ayurveda knowledge of life and longevity was profounded especially for the upliftment of mankind. It teaches that health is maintained by the balance of the 3 functional mechanisms known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. All Sky treatments are designed to return these forces to a harmonious balance rather than treat what their imbalance manifests. Simply put it focuses on causes rather than symptoms.

Sky Ayurveda therapies are designed to be very effective for the hardworking professionals in various fields addressing the modern way of life. Get exposed to the variety of Sky therapies and you will also find yourself in the safe hands of our trained professionals. Rest, Relax and Recharge with the ancient Indian healing tradition.

Sl No Name
1 Sky Fat Buster
2 Sky Glow
3 Sky Harmony
4 Sky Neuro
5 Sky Reflex
Sl No Name
6 Sky Revita
7 Sky Stress Buster
8 Sky Revita + Sky Glow
9 Sky Revita + Sky Harmony
10 Sky Revita + Sky Neuro

Ayurveda Medicines we use

Sl No Name
1 Arishtam and Asvas
2 Capsules
3 Choornam
4 Ghritham
5 Gulika/Vatika
6 Kashayams
7 Lehyam
8 OTC Products
9 Thailams and Kuzhambu