Ayur Arogya Saukhyam

Dear Patron,

An Illness free, long and higher life - The words that triggered the concept sky were used by elders to bless youngsters in our land. With the same instinct and blessings of our virtuous ancestors kept in mind, we feel fortunate to be involved in providing the most comprehensive integrated preventive health care and fitness programmes in a fun filled environment.

Our continuously growing stress in life which is nothing but the byproduct of a so called Modern Lifestyle is the ultimate energy robber. Factors such as pollution, toxins, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, dehydration, long working hours, lack of sleep and lack of proper health checks are responsible for the physical and mental stress and fatigue that we carry today. This results in physiological dysfunction (diseases or illness) due to disruption in the energy levels in the body.

Sky Live Life Right approach to deliver years of healthy life has two main elements:

  • Preventive Diagnosis of degenerative changes before they develop into symptoms.
  • Prevention of illness based on Establishing healthy life style programmes which includes Health awareness, Nutrition counselling, Whole body vertical vibration based time optimized exercise programmes, Bioresonance therapy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Detox programmes, Health food, World class fitness regimen and a corporate membership programme to sustain health.

This refreshing concept of Sky creates a perfect mixture of ancient health wisdom, science and modern technology making it the best priority lifestyle choice that will aid all people to achieve lifetime Health, Fitness and Wellness.

Here’s to our journey in making the ancestral blessings more meaningful. We wish you an illness free, long and higher life.

Sathyaprakash S
Managing Director