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Hitting Longer Drives

When you have participated in a golf-specific conditioning program, you will have developed the muscles in your abdominals, hamstrings, lower back, shoulders, and upper back.

In return, this will allow you to swing more aggressively with less effort, enabling you to hit the “sweet spot” more consistently and producing more distance. Every amateur golfer wants to hit the ball a little farther. The only way to do that is to consistently make a full back swing, with the muscles in your trunk, coiled and full of energy. This position allows you to unleash all that stored energy into the ball at impact, producing a solid hit every time.

Lower Your Scores

By reducing your physical limitations and strengthening your weak areas, you will improve your distance, accuracy, and consistency. The results are shooting lower scores more consistently. Isn’t that why we play the game? We dream of having a single-digit handicap.

It is not unreasonable to say the majority of golfers have a better than 50% chance of reaching that goal if they approach the game a little differently.

Understanding the mechanics of the swing is as crucial as practicing. But if you do not address your physical limitations, you will be very frustrated at your lack of improvement.

Reducing Injuries

Injuries are the No. 1 reason golfers stop playing. Without a stronger body, as we get older, the chances are very good we will get injured and not be able to play for certain lengths of time.

Lower back injuries are the most prevalent in golf. The high speed, torquing effect on the spine and lower back can be very traumatic if you have not strengthened your abdominals and lower back, or what we call the “core.”

This is just one of a number of debilitating injuries that can be prevented through golf-specific fitness.

Benefits of Golf Conditioning

It is estimated that over 100 million people worldwide participate in the challenging and sometimes frustrating game of golf. Part of the attraction of the game is that people of different ages, abilities, shapes and sizes can compete against themselves or each other on a level playing field.

To be good at golf requires many different physical and mental attributes. These include Strength, flexibility, balance and motor-skill co-ordination. Putting all of these elements together in an instance to deliver the perfect swing and drive time after time is paramount to how good your game is. Consistency is the thing we all desire in golf; mental strength is what we require when we do not possess consistency! As another ball is sliced into the rough!

Many golfers complain of injuries to areas such as the Lower back, Knees, Shoulders, Neck, Hands. This is due to factors such as muscular tightness, mobility issues, muscular/skeletal imbalances, bad technique or motor skill co-ordination. When this happens the body has to compensate for lack of flexibility or strength.

Golfers will try to make up for their problems in some physical manner taking muscles and joints past their comfortable range in order to drive the ball as far as they can thus injuries occur. Muscles work together in chains, think of it as a race where the baton is passed along from one hand to the next. In order to drive the ball as far as possible all muscles and joints along with trunk or “core” strength from the toes through the body to the fingers and club must work perfectly synergistically.

To improve your game and lower your handicap it is obviously important to practice. Making sure you perform a golf specific warm up before you play. Doing so will give you a chance to prepare mentally and physically for the challenge ahead.

A cardiovascular element should be included in your training to maintain endurance throughout the round.

If you are serious about your game and want to lower your handicap you have to be conditioned correctly. Our professional team of international trainers have devised a golf specific conditioning system we believe is unsurpassed here in Pune. Combining a series of tests comprising of an individuals medical history, postural analysis with muscular/joint length tension assessment we can devise the perfect golf specific program for any individual. First we look at addressing any muscular dysfunctions, tightness and postural issues. It is important to try to get clients as close to “perfect posture/alignment” through stretching and performing myo-fascial releases of tight muscles. Next we would prescribe the correct mobilization of certain joints. Thoracic (upper back) spinal mobility is very important to golfers. “Core” strength and Lumbar (low back) stability is another key attribute any good golfers must possess. Our programs are designed to create this Strength and Stability by training the deep internal (Inner unit) trunk stabilizer muscles creating a disassociation of the Pelvic/Lumbar/Thoracic complex. Golf specific movements are taught under controlled conditions to replicate the muscular/joint movement patterns required for the game (Rotational aspect) Whole body strengthening is very important to a client’s progress through the Sky Golf conditioning system and will be introduced through numerous key exercises. More advanced Neuro-muscular techniques may also be taught to clients who require a little more help perfecting their game?

Sky Fitness’ Golf conditioning system is a must for anyone who wants to take preventative measures to protect themselves against the risk of injury, rehabilitate themselves and improve their game.