The fluidity of our machines makes your work out an out-of-this-world experience. Welcome to the “Sky Fitness Gym”, state-of-the-art machines with personal entertainment devices on each of them and trainers who know what’s best for you.

Sky Fitness & Wellness is Asia’s premier fitness and lifestyle club in Pune. We set the standard in fitness with our unique approach to Fitness and Wellness goals and our Total Wellness Solution. Designed to help patrons keep fit, we also endeavour in helping them to De-Stress, Relax, Socialise and Network.

Sky Fitness training system is the most complete and systematic personal training program. This well publicized program is dedicated to help individuals achieve and maintain Total Fitness and Wellness. Through a detailed designed program the clients will experience greater Fat loss, Postural improvement, Increased strength, Muscle tone and heightened sense of well being.

This system consists of 5 major components namely-detailed Body Evaluation and Screening, Myofascial release, Facilitated Stretching, Training Program and Metabolic Training. The resistance training here is based on Optimum performance training (OPT), which involves 3 stages of Stabilization, Strength and Power. This training principle has a systematized progressive phasic manipulation of training variables which promotes recovery, reduces overtraining, overcomes training plateaus etc.

This process also involves a series of steps to identify a person’s Postural deviation and Muscular dysfunction. The amazing human body is trained best at proper alignment.