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Understanding Bio-Scan

The human body is the aggregate of a large number of cells and the process of cell division, growth causes these charged bodies of atomic nucleuses constituting of atoms and the electrons constantly emit electromagnetic waves.

Our human body also emits electromagnetic wave signals that represent the specific state of the human body and these wave signals vary under different conditions of the human body such as health, sub-health, disease, etc.

Bio-Scan measures the electrical activity of the body’s extra cellular fluid in 3D. The system introduces low intensity electrical signals into the body using the test rod in a totally painless 3 minutes examination with no side effects. The operation procedure is simple, and the scanning result is totally operator-independent as well as reproducible for immediate repeated testing.

Bio-Scan is able to measure and capture the small but important deviations in bio-conductivity that results due to the changing functioning capabilities of our organs. Hyper metabolism, infection, allergy, blood and lymph circulation impairment will result in a significant rise in bio-conductivity, while low metabolism, tissue degeneration, premature dying of cells, genetic damage will result in significant reductions in bio-conductivity.

Bio-Scan is a low cost and non-invasive test that can be used to promote preventive medicine, complement diagnostics and evaluate follow-up therapy and control of treatment. The originality of this Bio-Scan lies in the new way of reading the purely biophysical aspects of the body’s functioning and also in a quantifiable biophysical approach. Bio-scan scanning technology will certainly open the door for the practice of "predictive medicine" on the 21st century.

What is Bio-Scan?

According to biophysics theories, certain narrow range of electrical conductivity exists in the organic body of healthy individuals. Any functional disorder will change this electrical conductivity and may anticipate the development of disease in the corresponding organ by several months or years before detection of organ disease by conventional examination. ESG which measures the body’s electrical activity in 3D is used to determine the deviation of function of the human body and uses the same prinicples as the electrocardiogram.

Bio-Scan is a breakthrough in bio-conductivity measurement and diagnostics, integrating computer technology and biophysics which includes quantum physics, neurophysiology and neurosciences.

This high tech tool was launched in the International Congress on Complementary and Alternative Medicines 2005 from February 26th to 28th 2005 at the Raffles City Convention Centre. The Participants included both local and regional scientists, clinical researchers, western-trained clinicians, alternative medicine practitioners, traditional medicine practitioners, business and industry, government regulators, pharmacists, health professionals, nurses and interested lay public.